How do I get them to divulge information about Kyle?

I've liked this guy for three years, he's been rejected by 300 girls because he used to stutter around pretty girls. and even though I always wanted to hang out with him, he would never reply to my phone calls. I knew nothing about him until I met his friend Ashley a bi-sexual dominatrix. She told me that she knew twenty woman that he wanted sexually and was trying to get into bed with, and that her and her boyfriend dominated 4 of the woman that he was lusting after and pursuing sexually. She told me that he would approach her on a regular basis and beg her for sexual tips on how to get these woman to enter a relationship with him. She also revealed to me the identity of all the friends that he spends his time and the dynamics and reasons for his failed relationships in the past. and I discovered that he lied to me about a lot of things. Now both her and her dominatrix boyfriend refuse to tell me anything more about this man. I pretended that I wanted to "learn" from. so that they'd open up to me and tell me more about this man. How do I keep putting her dominant boyfriend off, well stringing him along (letting him think I want to be dominated, and get them to trust me with information about this guy?) They both say he is a sleaze who who lies and will never love me because I'm nowhere near the level of attractive that the girls he is pursuing are at. I'm told that he worships beautiful woman and despises ugly ones (like me)


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  • The only thing that you should be re-thinking here, is that fact that you are now lying to two people to get information about someone who is a liar.

    So, here is what I will say:

    WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Stop involving yourself with these people if what they do doesn't interest you. And don't bother with this guy, he sounds like a problem, and someone you could not get involved with in a serious relationship. You can do better, and you should surround yourself with people that respect you.


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  • And you still want to be with this guy/ Your just setting yourself up for trouble. Even best case scenario where you would go out, he would still be cheating on you for the rest of your life with hotter girls. Don't sell yourself to some sleeze who doesn't care about you.

  • you're not ugly and I'm sure about that because the way you're talking , beauty is not always from the outside its from the inside also , so try to talk with him and try to get close to him , if he didn't show intereste in you try other guys , theirs someone who looking for you believe me.

    don't give up


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  • He sounds like a loser and a dick.

    You need to up your self esteem. Don't call yourself ugly and stop selling yourself short.

    You sound like you're placing this guy above you which is not good.

    1. Think highly of yourself and stop letting what someone thinks define you.

    2. He's been rejected by 300 girls, he is obviously not that great himself.

    3. Don't act desperate. If he doesn't want you, his loss. A girl should never chase anything but a shot.

    4. Don't hang around people who will put you down.

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