Is 5'6" for a guy a deal breaker, even if...?

I'm 24 now and previously I have been never that interested in dating girls until recently and while it's not so bad for me in exchanging contact info, I find that sometimes hard to get a date.

I am a little self conscious about my height, though I try not to let it affect my confidence and be better at everything else I can.

So my question is, would you consider dating someone who is 5'6" and:

- generally attractive: active, decent looking, good dresser

- good prospects: will graduate as a doctor in a few months

- interesting hobbies: (ie: was a pilot - no longer flies due to cost, scuba dives, plays piano and guitar well, well traveled, very good cook)

- people have commented that I'm pleasant and genuine person

I'm not sure if I should change my expectations or if I'm just not finding the right girls.

Thanks for the input!


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  • Height is not the issue...I know lots of men your height (and shorter) who have successful, happy relationships. These guys are approachable, comfortable, intelligent, eloquent, and humble. I don't look at them and think SHORT...I see who they are beyond their height.

    Best of luck to you!


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  • Obviously I wouldn't have a problem with it because I am 5'2. So if your really insecure about it, I would aim for girls that are shorter than you, that find you appealing. Believe me, your height isn't that bad, especially if were talking about shorter girls than you, they probably won't care obviously because your taller than them.

  • is it just me or are you too confident? lol...

    don't worry about it dude, you will eventually find someone someday you don't have to rush, its only a matter of time until all the girls will fall in line for you just wait :) don't be in a rush


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  • I'm just going to say don't trip too much and be comfortable with yourself. You might take denials hard and act like it's just because of your height, but maybe you're trying too hard or not being genuine.

    Try to work on being secure with yourself. I think one of the least attractive things for women is insecurity in their men. That's not to say they don't appreciate the flaws in the men, a lot of time that's what's attractive too, but being insecure is usually not appealing. I think the reason for this is because generally there's a desire for emotional stability in their partner.

    I wonder if any women can confirm what I'm saying or tell me how wrong I am, but overall I don't think your 'single negative physical feature' is going to be the deal breaker. Instead focus on coming to terms with yourself and accepting your body. Only then seek out another.

    And yeah, you can get women just because you have money being a doctor, good luck & be careful with that part.