She said there's no future. Is it over before it begins?

I been talking to this girl for 4 months now we use to work together. In the last week of work she told me to ask her out but I told her I didn't want too so she left work but that same week I promised her some shoes. So she came back for those shoes and I realized that I actually did have feelings for her. She currently has this Possessive Boyfriend (Who beats her and really puts her down and he doesn't let her go out or answer the phone) and they also have a kid. Recently we had phone conversations about how I liked her and wanted to go out with her. Then I wanted to surprise her and I bought her some flowers and drove to her job which is 1 hour and 30 minutes away and got lost( but still ended up getting there but she had already left) after that out of the blue she calls me and tells me with a worried voice that she's going to go look for apartments and tells me to go with her .. I go with her and I tell her how beautiful she is and the things that she makes me feel inside then we go eating I mentioned to her that one of the girls that I use to talk to kissed me and she said do you like her? and I'm like no but she thinks I do I'm guessing ( I only told her because I don't like keeping secrets) after that we looked at the apartments and she said if she was going to have enough and I told her she could do it. ( I don't know if she told me that to see if I would tell her I would help her or something I don't know ) then we went to the mall and these girls just start staring at me so what she did is she started to grab my arm... and as we were leaving she said what are you waiting for? you can get a better girl then me etc.. I didn't say anything. then as we were ending the day she ask me what do you see in our future? because I don't see any future with us.. I don't tell her I don't know what to say that all I know is that I like the way she makes me feel and understands me so she laughs and ask me if we became a couple if I would introduce her to my friends I told her yes . then she asked what about your family.. I told her well my mom thought you were a good girl.. but I don't think so now.. she then says.. ill call you later and we hugged. but she hasn't called in two weeks? What should I do?!?


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  • if she's still with the abuser id call. you can never be too sure with those assholes. id call and try and check up her or stop by or what ever.

    if she's not with him, then you might have to drrop it. but when a girl says she sees no future there's really no point in pursuing her, you prob give her what she hasn't had but she knws it just wnt wrk

    • i really would love to call her but he always answers since he doesn't have a job. She's the only one that works. The only times she could call me was from her job but I told her she can't call me during my working hours because my bosses already got on me about that.

    • hmm that's a massive tough one. I honestly don't knw what to tell you bout that

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