Failing at being girly?

I'm failing at being girly and knowing girly things :x

i have very few gal pals but none that are older then me and that I could look to advice on these matters so I'm coming to all of you.

I have no idea about how to dress sexy(i'm always in pants and t shirts or tanks) for my boyfriend and what kind of "Lingerie?" to wear if we ever felt like getting down and dirty in the sack.

also a lot of other things so just gimme some advice on how to be more girly then I am atm.

And another thing (non girly question)how do I get my skin shiny and smooth? :x


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  • I'm sure your boyfriend likes you just the way you are, but if you want to be generally more girly everyday, I would suggest buying a few nicely-cute blouses that flatter your figure,skirts, or a dress that fits you like a glove. =) Also, when wearing these nice outfits, make sure your hair and makeup are taken after (because that can just ruin a look!)

    As for lingerie, it's all a matter of personal choice of color, style, etc. Sorry, I can't really help you there because it's such a broad area.

    For getting your skin shiny and smooth, I reccomend using a facial cleanser daily (such as Clean & Clear or Neutrogena), followed by an astringent, and then a facial moisturizer. This will clean your pores, close them back up again, and keep your face nice and silky. =)

    Good luck with everything!


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  • Put lotion on every time you get out of the shower. The shower moisturizes your skin and the lotion locks in the goodness. You can use a bronzer to make it shiny but don't over do it. I know that for a while my wardrobe was getting fairly plain and that isn't what I wanted to be. I decided that anything I bought had to make me feel sexy in one way or another this way even if it is a t shirt as long as it makes me feel sexy then I look sexy. It's a state of mind kind of thing. As for lingerie I have my own personal obsession. I can't get enough of it. Trust me on this one if you don't like it, it is a waste of time because guys really don't seem to care if you wear it. They just want to take it off right away. Also I strip for myself in front of the mirror and that makes me feel sexy. Play a girlie song you like and you don't have to worry about looking good for a guy, just yourself. It always makes me feel super sexy.

  • I'll tell you what. If you live in Ohio, I'll go shopping with you.