What do you think is the reason why a guy that doesn't have good looks can't get with a beautiful woman?

Do you think its just because he's just not good looking? Or because he doesn't have "game" with women.

I ask because I'm confused. I heard one woman on here say that if you're not good looking a guy shouldn't throw a bitch fit if he can't get with a good looking woman. And one guy on here said that the reason why a guy that doesn't look good can't get with a beautiful woman is because he doesn't have "game".

In my experience I've realized that my good qualities and confidence isn't enough for a good looking woman. I think the reasons I've been rejected is because I'm not good looking enough for them.


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  • Personality matters,but looks are what attract two people initially.

    You can't throw a bitch fit if you're an ogre and expect Megan Fox.I don't know exactly what "game" the guys would be referring to because a girl won't talk to a guy long enough to know his game if she isn't attracted to him.


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  • because there is most likely nothing about him that will attract him to a high quality woman. a beautiful woman has her pick of men...so what are the odds of picking an unattractive guy when she can do better? unless he is rich and can benefit her life socially and financially it's probably not gonna happen. an average guy has more of a chance than an ugly guy. as far as having game, if you are not even attracted to the guy you're not gonna wanna hear anything he has to say so game won't really matter

    dont go chasin waterfalls. just stick to the rivers and lakes that you're used to

  • Lack of self-confidence, not lack of good looks, is what's stopping you from getting with a woman.

    • I'm talking about getting with a good looking woman not just a woman.

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    • What are you calling bullsh*t on?

    • She's right, I've seen plenty of ugly, overconfident guys with girls way out of their league.

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  • I think it's about self-esteem. Someone who has low self-esteem will not be confident enough to step up and ask out a beautiful woman. Let's be real for a second. Everyone judges their own appearance and decides whether they THEMSELVES looks good or bad. If you were to look in a mirror and see your reflection you will think you either look good or bad, even if this isn't the same opinion as everyone else. Just because you think you look good it doesn't mean everyone else does. Just because you think you look ugly it doesn't mean everyone else does. The same way, if a guy thinks he looks good he will feel good and therefore have enough confidence to ask a beautiful woman for a date. If a guy thinks he looks ugly he won't have the confidence to ask a beautiful woman for a date. When a guy thinks he doesn't have good looks (no matter how many women find him hot as hell) he will not be confident enough to ask the hot woman on a date.

    As we know, women love confidence. They think it's sexy, and even if you're not that good-looking as long if you think you look good and have enough confidence you are always in with a chance of getting with a beautiful woman. But guys who don't think they look good won't feel confident enough to ask a beautiful woman for a date.

    • Sometimes I do think think I look good & want to ask a beautiful woman but I think that she's shallow to the point that she would rather be with a guy that looks like Eminem or LL Cool J & so I don't ask her out. I don't think confidence means anything to a woman unless she finds the guy to be good looking. And a lot of times I'm very self-conscious about the fact that I'm hairy & I know most women find that to be a huge turn-off. If I was living in the 80's or earlier I'd be more confident.

    • I think women do consider looks to some extent but if you have confidence then it says a lot about your character. I have seen plenty of not-so-good looking guys with beautiful girls before so it can either be their confidence or their personality. Even I think sometimes a hot girl will be shallow because she knows she can get any guy she wants but some are really down-to-earth and will give you a chance. I'm self conscious about the fact that I'm short and us short guys have it the worst.

    • Dylan knows what he's talking about, +1.

  • im guessing the woman your referring to is evangelina. she tends to do that. lol. anyway...im not the best looking but I've nailed some HOT women in my days. its about how you play the game. yes looks MAY come into factor but TRUE WOMEN, not girls, will see that looks are only skin deep. I am not shallow myself as I have also dated girls less attractive than others.