How many guys do you take a second look at during the day?

This is a question mainly for college aged girls. I'm just curious because I hardly ever get a second look from most girls and I'm wondering if the large majority of guys aren't worth looking twice at. So how many guys a day actually catch your attention? If I'm right, it's a verrrry small number.


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  • honestly, its the well groomed guys at college. Not the ones with crazy frizzy bed-head hair. Basically a good place to start is to look well put-together for the day =]

    and then there's also the guys who are kind enough to hold doors open for me and smile, a smile can do wonders trust me on that--this is the person that definitely catches my attention and responds to my "thank-you", and this is the person who I will think about for a few min. afterward. ;)


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  • uh not very many. on an average day maybe like 1-3. honestly most guys aren't as good looking as girls are. I'm not gay or even bisexual, but I do notice that a lot of guys just aren't very good eye candy. it's rare that you see a guy who really puts in effort to look good. most guys just seem like they do enough to get by on the attractive scale.

    • What do you mean by effort to look good?

    • working out. hairstyle. dressing nicely.

    • As long as you don't expect a guy to spend an hour putting on makeup and doing their hair..

  • not that many. I only look once even if he's hot


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