Is this a huge turn off?

OK so I have black hair, and you know how everyone has hair like on their knuckles,arms, etc. right? well on my toes I have these little patches of hair and its really easy to just shave it off when I need to, but if I my boyfriend found out I did it would he be turned off? its really embarrassing :(


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  • OK I'll be honest and say a guy that only cares about sex and how you look physically might find it a turn off if he focused on that.

    If a guy actually loves you he is not going to care or think it's gross because he likes you so much he accepts you for you. I know it sounds corny and women don't believe it but I fell hard for a woman that looked nerdy to me when I first met her. She wears little to no make up and wears lose guy clothing because she has small boobs. She also works a lot so doesn't always have time to shave certain areas but I love her and know she is just human and she is hot to me.

    • thats wonderful :) I'm so happy for u

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  • lol if your hot hell fogive you!

  • Just use an electric razor to shave the little hairs off. No biggie.

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