What does it mean when a guy always tries to maintain eye contact with me?

Lately I've noticed that guys I talk to always try to maintain eye contact with me when we have a conversation. I return the eye contact, but I look away at times since it sometimes feels awkward. Are they trying to read my emotions? Or they just like eye contact when they talk with someone?

Best answer...? Well...both of the answers helped me...So, who wants the best answer? :D


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  • I try to look at people in the face because I would get in trouble when I was smaller if I didn't look at my dad in the eye when he talked to me or I talked to him. Of course there's a good chance he might like you though, just talk to him and get to know him more :)


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  • I normally maintain eye contact with anyone I talk with at school and other places. The only time I wouldn't maintain is if I had a crush on them lol.

    • haha, just give it to exodus...his was similar to mines but he posted first. Hope our advice helped!

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