What would you think if a guy you have never talked to before just came up and ask you for a cup of coffee?

What would you think if a guy you have never talked to before just came up and ask you for a cup of coffee?

Let me explain better... There is this girl in my philosophy class which I never really had the chance to talk too... (trust me, every time I try to set up something it fails. Like I tried to notice every time of the day I see her so I could figure out what her schedule is. But it seems either she's always with someone (I'm kinda shy so that's a nono) or she's not very predictable.(in a way that's good if I ever get to talk to her haha). Now the semester is coming to an end. I got one last class with her and that's it for at least 1 month and a half, after that I'm not even sure ill ever get to see her again. Maybe she's gonna go to another college or I don't know...

So last wednesday, while waiting outside the school to see if she would come out (as always... lol). I decided I would just go and ask her for a cup of coffee. The rain was pouring and it was fairly cold outside. She came out (YAY) with a friend (BOO) but she left her really quickly and went her own way. So I took my courage with both hands and decided to go and ask her. I followed her (she was already kinda far away). Walked quickly and saw that I would catch her at the street corner. The light turned red so she stopped. I thought it was the perfect occasion. But as I was making up the word I would say in my head I noticed my feet moving slower and slower to finally come to a complete stop. Then I thought : "Hell I have never even talked to her. She will probably think I'm creepy or whatever." So I sat there staring at her back about 30 feet away from her... My heart was still pounding, I was soaked, the light turned back to green and I watched her walking away with no idea of the drama that had happened behind her seconds ago. It felt horrible.

Now I have only one real last chance to ask her. Don't really have the time to talk to her before either since semester is gonna be over after that. I like to think that ill do it whatever you guys say but id like to evaluate my success rate :). Ill ask her something along those line: "Humm sorry, Alice, that's your name right? This might sound really odd to you but its been a long time I'm trying to talk to

you but I never really had the chance. You look like an interesting person id like to invite for a cup of coffee one of these days and get the chance to know you." then I depending on the answer or the way the situation evolve ill probably give her my cell number and then tell her to call me if she ever wants to hang out but that if she doesn't fell like it its alright and that I understand.

How would you feel if someone would ask you something like that? Would you think its creepy, cute, stupid? Answer sincerely tough. Its easy to think that its cute in your head but in real life its a different thing (well I think).

Sorry for my crappy English, I'm French.

Ty for the read :)

Sorry for ze wall of text.


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  • Just go up to her and be like "hey, have you checked out this ____ reading/homework/something related to class. because I don't really understand it and professor ____ says that you seem to be grasping the concepts rather well."

    if she says something on the contrary (like if she's actually failing the class or not doing well) it will be awkward you can say something like "Oh! Well, maybe we can figure it out together over coffee?" and give her either a :) or a :D smile.

    if she says "yeah sure" (meaning she is doing well) then you can say something like "cool! do you want to talk about it over coffee?"

    • That would be good... :) but next class is an exam tough (the last one of them.)

      I tought about doing that for the whole semestre. I'm so bad at aproaching stranger :(

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  • awwww...if only she knew...lol

    The rain part was almost a tear-jerker...

    Anyway, asking her like that is sincere and sweet.

    You only got one more chance, so might as well give it a try.

    If you had gone up to her when you were outside,

    then it would have come off as creepy...

    • HAHA so my intuition was good. Maybe I should put more emphasis on the fact that its maybe the last chance I get to see her and that it is what pushes me to this odd behaviour...

  • How big is the class? What are the chances that she has seen you even if you have never talked? I think I'd be more likely to say yes if I knew I knew the guy somehow rather than a stranger just coming up on the street.

    I think I would be flattered that someone asked me out even if we haven't really talked before. However, I would also have my guard up and be hesitant. I think coffee is a great idea because it is public, yet a low key atmosphere where you can really talk for the first time.

    Good luck.

    • about 30-35 student... pretty small class... oh no she saw me for sure. The way I dress and my air are not conventional and I could swear I saw her looking at me a coupple time (could be just me too I usually sit close to where the clock is XD) and she already asked me a cig in early semestre (but she had not grown on me yet so I did not make the small talk really (god I hate myself now XD) anyway that does not mean jack sh*t either I guess.

  • Just ask her. It all depends on the approach. If you being by saying hi, stating your name, and then adding the point that you wanted to speak with her earlier but were nervous- she will be empathetic. Mention that you would like to know if she would be interested in going out for coffee sometime and go from there. If she hints that she is interested ask if she wants to meet somewhere or for you to call her. That way if she feels uncomfortable with you having her number or vice versa, she still has the option of meeting you with no strings attached. Girls go for confidence and truly hate rejecting guys, so if she isn't interested don't take it personally. Just think of it as her way of seeing that she isn't wasting your time.

  • Ur French! OOooo La la! Very sexy! By the way it's Totally cute, and sweet! For me or any girl who can see you a nice guy! Vous véritablement un gars doux. J'espère qu'elle voit cela. Bon au revoir pour le moment. S'il vous plaît me permettre de savoir comment il va! Par la façon a fait je dis que vous êtes très chaud !

  • I would be flattered if a guy did that to me, but I think it's a little bit much to introduce yourself and ask her to coffee all in the one sentence, maybe just try and get the number and see where you go from there... good luck :)

    • Actually id rather give my number then get her number that way if she doent care she can just throw it away... and if she does call me, well then, she's interested and that's a +++ for me don't ya think?

    • yes that might be the best way to see if she's interested - I just hope it works out in your favour though :)

  • I would love if a guy asked me out for coffee! Most college students like coffee. I'm sure she would be flattered!

  • i would prefer he come and make friendship first so I get to know him a tad, like hey what do you think of this class, isn't the professor gay? lol and then next time we see each other id love to have coffee with him...

    i guess the best way to be approached by a man is not off guard or a surprise date you know...u kinda have to become familiar with each other a bit and not be COMPLETE strangers


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