Is being really short a turn off?

I never seem to get any boys only the really pervy ones that ask everyone!. Twice I've got your pretty but I wouldn't want to look like a pedofile. I hate being short! Really knocks my confidence.

There's this guy I really like, He's like two heads taller than me though! Do guys find that unattractive and do you think I would even stand a chance with him?

ps. I'm only 4ft 10!


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  • I would think that guys like a short girl, not super tall guys but average ones because they get to pick you up and do the kinky stuff with you. Although, you are under 18, not sure how young, you might look really young and short.


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  • The ones closer to your height most likely wouldn't be turned off by you. I'm sure the majority of guys that are 6ftor taller would be turned off. Once you're old enough to go to clubs or bars I'm sure then you'll realize which guys are usually turned off by you being short. I'm sure you won't have a hard time getting a guy since a lot of guys feel more comfortable approaching a woman that's shorter than they are.


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  • No, but asking dumb questions is.

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