Why won't he look at me when we're talking?

Before we started talking to each other, I noticed that he stared at me every time we passed and he just looked at me as if no one else was around. In the beginning, I always initiated the conversations, but he seemed happy to talk to me and he never avoided eye contact per se - he tended to maintain eye contact the same way I do, in that when he was speaking, he would only occasionally glance at me but always looked at me when I was talking. I know that the reason I do this is because I’m somewhat shy, and while he doesn’t seem shy, he definitely is not as outspoken as most guys. Also, we’re both in college – he’s 28 and I’m 24.

Anyway, since we’ve gotten to know each other better, I’m sure that he likes me more at least on a personal level. He’s always very nice and has started initiating conversations with me, but now - especially when we’re talking in a group - he simply does not look at me except an occasional glance. He will look at his other friends but he rarely looks at me. Even if I say something funny and he laughs, he just doesn’t look at me. The thing is, one of his friends that we’re commonly talking to is obviously interested in me, but the guy I’m into is far better looking and seems pretty confident (he carries himself well and just has an overall “cool” attitude). So I can’t tell if, a) he isn’t interested and is trying to show me that by avoiding eye contact, b) is interested and is being especially careful to not let on in front of his friends, or c) knows that his friend is into me and is trying not to step on his toes.


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