What to wear when clubbing in the cold?

Any idea what a guy can wear to a club in freezing weather? I'm going to a club and I pretty sure it doesn't have a cloakroom. Its absolutely freezing cold. Most people atm are wearing coast, scarfs and hats. What can I wear that will be easy to manage and keep me warm? Obviously it will get hot in the club (no pun intended), but it outside it will be freezing. Any fashion tips please. (I want to look cool while in the club btw)


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  • The club has to have somewhere you can hang your coat up. Bring it, otherwise be prepared to freeze.

  • wear what you normally would, but leave your jacket in your car

    • Im not driving there, unfortunatly. Thanks for answering though

    • ah. maybe a light jacket then?

    • yeah I guess. I suppose I cud wear a jumper underneath...

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