Guys opinions on hairstyling? (straightening)

I've heard several guys tell me they prefer girls hair down vs. ponytail, complicated updos, etc. but I've never really heard any talk about girls who straighten their hair.

Personally, I only straighten my hair occasionally for special occasions but a lot of girls seem to do it every. single. day.

I do think it looks nice though, whereas I hate ponytails and the like.

So, guys, when you say "leave your hair alone!" does that include straightening? Like, do you prefer natural waves and whatnot that girls hair tends to have or do you think it looks better when we straighten it?


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  • If it's a special occasion, I like a girl in curls or a fancy braid in her hair. But I feel her every day look should strongly keep to her natural look. That is if here hair is naturally straight she should wear it that way, if it's naturally curly than she should keep it that way. As long as it doesn't look like a rats nest I like any style.


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  • If it's wavy, leave it unless you suit straight hair more. I don't like curly hair personally. Don't think any girl has the face to pull that hairstyle off. Generally leave you hair alone means colour and length, so you should be alright.

    • Ouch, I have curly hair! LOL

    • :L Sorry, just really don't think anyone suits it. It's very harsh on a girls features. I've seen girls who are gorgeous, but their hair is just off putting. It's just an odd thing I have.

  • Most women look best with straightened hair do. I've only seen a small percentage of women look good with curly hair.

  • Yeah I hate when girls straighten their hair and they have awesome natural wavy or curly hair.


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