How can you explain this ?

When I always took care of my image and my self improvement girls didn't seem interested.

Now that I don't give a f**k about everything, my beard has grown, same as my hair I think I noticed that some girls show more interest.

Wasn't supposed to be the other way around ?


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  • Excellent question!

    As one of the oldest people in this young forum website, I can give you a few reasons why as per "speculation" since I don't know with absolution why girls are being difficult to you after you polish up.

    Reason 1: now that you're more handsome, you're also more "intimidating". I went through the same thing. I'm Spanish, fairly good looking like you, so I suffered lack of responses when I'd approach girls. They thought I was just out to use them for sex, thus they became very shy. Note that NOT all girls are going to respond like this. Put on a suit and tie, walk around into a business district, and I assure you women will accept your advances because now they think, you're not only good looking, you have money. And as I'm sure you know, money is power and power is sexy to a woman. Never forget that.

    Reason 2: you let yourself go and you beard up...I don't get many approaches when I leave my home after working from home for 4 days straight, yet women smile at me because I suppose they think I'm a sloppy bad boy or just unintimidating. Of course, in Beverly Hills, I'll get scoffed looking like I do, but in some areas, girls will feel more relaxed that I'm not appearing to be conceited. That's about the only reason I can think of why girls would find you so liberated.


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  • The way men behave: They dress up, use flirting comments or sexual innuendos, try bragging, etc and so forth - to attract women

    What you did: Stopped trying to impress women (which removes all the aforementioned bullsh*t)

    What resulted: More women were attracted to the person underneath which didn't care about attracting women and just wanted to live his life.

    What this looks like to women:

    - You're more loyal, you won't go out trying to attract women, you go out because you can

    - You're not a pretty boy, you can get dirty and work hard.

    - You have confidence, you don't have to be all flossed out to attract girls, they attract you because you're different.

    etc and so forth

    Now, don't get me wrong.. Women do appreciate a man that takes care of his hygene and looks.. go to the gym, brush your teeth.. do what you have to do to not be labeled a "slob".. But that doesn't mean wearing the latest brands or gelling your hair, that means do what's necessary to keep yourself in good health.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • Maybe if you were a pretty boy it would. But you seem like a macho guy, so looking rougher around the edges clearly suits you more. If you were more feminine then sure it'd work. I used to be thin and wimpy (sort of like my pictures show) since a couple of years ago I've filled out, I have changed my old style to a rougher look and like you let my facial hair grow... which does indeed work. I don't think being an over groomed guys guy really goes together.

  • You are probably in college and girls want the rough guy... Switch back closer to senior year when they want to get married. It's a rebellious phase.