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this is only a question of curiosity, I'm not going to go change myself based on what you say, I just want to know.

are pony tails cute on girls with mediam long hair? I don't have freakishly long hair but its not short either. sometimes I feel weird for putting my hair in a ponytail while most girls have their hair down. is it less pretty? what do you think?


brunnette or blonde?

natural or dyed/colored?

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  • If it's only one, it looks much much hotter if it is made by pulling the hair up. The ones by just tying the hair is nothing special (nothing wrong with that either). But a high pony tail, with a tennis cap -- HOTTT !


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  • I don't like pony tails at all. I think it makes you look like a little girl and I don't really want to date a little girl.

    • just to make sure you didn't get the word wrong, I'm talking about one pony tail, not two.

    • I understood it as one. My opinion still stands.

  • I think only women with long hair look good with a pony tail.

  • yes, pony tails are cute


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