What are some non-sulfate shampoos for dry hair?

My hair is super dry and it's curly. I don't wanna use any Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-based Shampoos. I am on a budget too and don't wanna pay like 20-30 bucks on shampoo and condition for my hair.

Any good shampoos and conditioners that fit this description?

Some things I already don't do do is:

Wash every day ( maybe wash 3 times a wk)

Don't dye or blow dry it


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  • look for shampoos and conditioners from the 'NAK' range. It's a professional product that was recommended by my personal hair dresser. It has worked great with my hair. When my hair was damaged from being chemically straightened overseas (I did at a salon overseas because it was cheaper.. not good result) my hair was severely damaged and dry. Back then I used a product called sebamed and I got the anti-dandruff shampoo one and conditioner. It helped my hair improve it's state. (These are not commercial products)

    My hair is curly now (not on my picture ha ha that was ages ago) and healthy.

    Once my hair got improved I used sunsilk a commercial product then when I went back to my hairdressers they noticed the back of my hair got sticky even though I was thoroughly. They explained to me that it's a build up from the chemicals you get from the commercial products. They may smell good but aren't the best for your hair. You'll notice your hair feel thicker and greasier. I didn't want to make it worse..mine was just mild and yea they gave me 'NAK' products.

    So yea, I highly recomment sebamed and nak products :) They worked for me.

    • oh and to make your hair smoother and softer..

      with curly hair you don't need to wash it every single day because it'll just dry the hair. maybe wash every 2-3rd day but always have a bath.. obviously. Anyways, I tend use more conditioner from the middle to the ends of my hair. You don't always have to use shampoo for curly hair.. it's just so it smells nice etc. Beneficially, use a lot of conditioner but rinse thoroughly. Your hair will get softer that way.

    • my typos I'm sorry : |

    • okay good that you don't blow dry I forgot to put that one up. Yes drying naturally is good. 3 times a week is fine. It's really up to you on what products you use but yea all I can say is go for professional products and maybe speak to a hairdresser at a salon maybe. Though they might be pricey, in the long wrong they will me much better for your hair than commercial products. A little money is involved but it's worth it. Curly hair is high maintenance too.

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  • I put olive oil in my hair prior to washing it, avoiding the roots. That way my shampoo doesn't strip the moisture from my ends and cause splits. It also helps my hair be generally moisturized and shiny.

    I use Shikai link at about $8 a bottle. Or try Burt's Bees or Giovanni at about the same price. All those brands use natural ingredients and have great options for dry hair.

    • If you meant 20-30 bucks on shampoo and conditioner together, you might be out of luck. But check out a natural food store. Their prices will be more reasonable than a regular supermarket or drugstore when it comes to natural/organic stuff, especially if they offer shampoo and conditioner in bulk (bring your own containers!).

  • i have some shampoo by burts bees that's sulfate free and was cheap. def not $20

  • link If that's what you're looking for.

    And you can use heat on your hair as long as you use a heat protection, like I use CHI Silk Reconstructing lotion and my sister used Redken AntiSnap Damage.

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