What do girls do that annoys you?!

What are some things that girls do that annoys the crap out of you?

How can we tell if you are annoyed?


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  • the big things that annoy me

    1) when I say the thing starts at 10, that means I want to be there at 10 not leaving the house at 1030 and getting there 1045 at the earliest. I know you want to look good but still

    2) what is up with all the shoes? yes they are nice but do you really need 60+ pairs?

    3) So I was looking at another girl. I am with you, it was just looking, it mean nothing

    3b) and by that how come I can't say or do anything if you look at another guy without getting my head ripped off


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  • what he said, don't talk about other guys/exes how good they were blah blah pisses you off, anything in a girls wardrobe I'm sorry but its like snorefest galore then zzzzzzzz so boring stuff like wallpaper you lyk etc don't wana know, lol this might be obvious but ignoring you and oh also to take the piss outta you once or 2wice its ok but then its just plain rude and silly and a def 1 for me is calling me by a name that I don't want 2 be called by and then continue 2 say it that really irks me I'm sorry but if you were a guy I wouldve slapped you silly a long time ago

  • 1. When girls talk about other guys just to make me jealous. Half of the time it doesn't work, and the other half, it puts me in a bad mood.

    2. Don't ask me things like, "Do you like my new shoes?". Pretty much anything pertaining to your wardrobe or image and begins with "Do you", its annoying.

    3. Flirt and then act completely not interested, all in the same hour/day.


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