Will this hair dye work in my hair?

I bought this hair dye today called jazzing clairol hair dye and on the bottle it says that I have to use heat while waiting 30 mins so do you think I can use a hair blow dryer for it to show in my hair?


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  • are you dying it lighter than your natural hair color.? if so. I would place a shower cap over. and from a distance blow the heat on your hair.=]

    • Yea..cuz my hair is black and I'm dying half of my hair red...so place a shower cap and blow the heat on my hair? for how long?

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    • Ohhh okk lol turns out that it didn't come out at all! I was sooo angry because I spent 20 dollars for nothing but it's okay I think I'm going to try another clairol product that I used before

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  • Maybe, if that's really what they said at the bottle

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