MAC Cosmetics? (if you work or have worked at MAC)

I'm looking into what it takes to get hired at a mac counter/ store. I have no official experience with make-up (no degree ..etc.) But I am very knowledgeable. So my questions are for people who work or have worked at MAC. What kind of thing do you need to get the job and what is the process? Thanks to anyone who comments(:


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  • where is the mac store? In the dillards or in another department store?Or is it a independent MAC store? If it is through the department store, usually you work your way up to that position, for instance you get a sales positon at the perfume counter, usually they will take someone already working for, lets say dillards, to move into their makeup. That's what I had to do, But, I know if you have your license you could easily get a job there, takes about 5 months, But I think the best way is to apply and then at your interview simply say that's what your aspiration is, to work at the MAC counter, they could just land you the spot, hope that helps!


  • This resource might be helpful-


    Good luck! I love MAC cosmetics.