Do guys look at girls they find unattractive, or do you rather avoid eye contact? A penny for his thoughts, need your 2 cents?

There is this special guy, he always walks in slow motion or at least in my perception he does. He is absolutely -insert any random adjective- .I always see him in the library, cause he is the nerdy guy. The super hot nerdy guy, keanu reeves in the devil's advocate super nerdy hot.

So here are the facts: I see him very often at the library (the minute he enters the room, I start daydreaming)

we haven't spoken so far (he is one of the nerdy guys, who are always learning in groups - their (male)group, with this secret entry exam, they don't speak to anybody of the out-group) The cute one, who is really super hot and probably aware of that, is sometimes looking at me, the minute I catch him looking at me he looks away. We do have direct eye contact and it feels and actually is, long eye contact until one of us is looking away. I'm a eye catching person esp in this geekish surrounding. The last time when we had prolonged eye contact he was lifting just one eyebrow, and that's keeps me thinking, if there is a possibility that he is just looking at me, thinking:

1) eww, please stop looking at me, I am super hot and you look like lady gaga on crack OR...

2) oh, there he is my biggest fan... my creepy stalker, who constantly is daydreaming in my direction, I feel your looks all over me, pls stop. I'll raise my eyebrow as a piece of advice that I don't like you...or lets say I would like you to forget about me;)

So here's my question:

so do guys look at girls they find unattractive, or do you rather avoid eye contact?

and when you know that there's a she that is really into you and you aren't into her do you make eye contact?

For those who gonna suggest that I should smile or say hi...

snowball in hell chance... I really have to concentrate to give him a so called "normal look", I'm busy trying not to pee myself like a little puppy due to the fact that he is really looking at me...



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  • ask him for help with something your studying ... or ask his opinion on something, be like hey, you look like a smart guy what do you think about blah blah and just keep the conversation rolling. find out what he's studying express an interest in it :)

    • thx 4 your answer. I already thought about that, but I think that he already knows that I like him and that I just talk to him to get to know him. I'm not sure if I find a ready welcome.

    • take a shot, no matter what happens ... you took a shot :)

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