What kinds (and how much) of makeup and skincare products do you own?

For example, how many moisturizers, foundations, mascaras, eye shadows, concealers, primers etc do you own? What different functions, if any, do they have? I'm just really curious how many the average girl (or guy) owns!

I seriously feel guilty about how much I own because sometimes what I own just isn't quite perfect and there's always something on the market that seems more appealing and makes you feel like it's better. For example foundation, since my skin is acne-prone and super demanding. So I end up with like 4 different ones...I'll defend myself here and say that they're different (liquid/powder) and even the liquid ones are different shades and different viscosity. But still =(


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  • Skin : I share moisturizer with my momma and I only use it when my skin is dry because my skin is naturally a bit oily. I own a foundation for the winter, and one for the summer. I have liquid and powder bronzer, I only use the powder and I use it rarely and lightly - people go over baord with that sh*t. I have about 5 diff shades of blush - I think it's nice stuff to have! I hate looking washed out! I own 2 different types of powders. I probably own 15 bottles of lotion lol

    Eyes : I have about 3 bottles of mostly empty mascara..just hoping for some for Christmas haha. Eye Shadow - a ton. I have become more picky about what I wear for eye shadow so I bought new stuff but I still have my older colors for if I need them. I have 2 different types of liquid eyeliner, one for top one for bottom and one pencil liner. I also use primer every time I wear eye shadow - if you don't have any, invest in some - it's amazing.

    Lips : I probably have 10 different shades of lipstick and about 15 different glosses, I have one shade of lip liner that I use randomly.

    I have some differnet perfumes - I like light fruity smells or soft spicy(not like tacos) type smells like cinnamon and vanilla.

    Hair: one can of hairspray, one thing of mousse which I rarely use, no gel - cmon ladies! its no longer 2001. I use Moroccan oil products - AMAZING. I use dry shampoo when I need to - lifesaving. I own 2 curling irons, a straightener and a triple barrel iron.

    I own a few nail polishes as well aha.

    Sometimes I feel like I don't need any of it but I'm a girl and I like it and after 20 years of being a girl you start to accumulate quite a collection of products lol. I like feeling pretty and I don't always wear make up, I don't always do my hair but it's nice to sometimes.


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  • 0... I think that's pretty average for dudes


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  • I think I own a fair amount. Although I don't even use half of it.

    1 moisturizer (that I don't use because I have oily skin)

    1 mascara (rarely use it because even though it looks pretty I don't like how it feels)

    6 single eyeshadows and 1 palette (I rarely use them)

    4 eyeliners (1 liquid black 1 pencil black 1 pencil blue 1 pencil white)

    1 highlighter (I never use it because it doesn't look good on me)

    2 concealers

    6 liquid foundations (It's so hard for me to find a good match so I end up having to mix)

    3 powders (I only use the translucent one)

    1 blush (never use it)

    10+ lipsticks (which I rarely use even though they're all natural colors like pinks and nudes with the exception of a coral one)

    10+ lipglosses

    7 facial cleansers (still in search of one that actually works because I too have acne prone skin)

    • I totally agree that there are so many makeup products that look really nice but they're not really something you'd put on every day haha. and I also have like at least 6 cleansers because I too have acne prone skin :( Neutrogena seems to work well for me...

  • I'm just past that noob mark when it comes to make up, so I have quite a few things that aren't the best or nearly as good as the ones I've bought more recently.

    I used to own a lot of Almay mainly because of the hypoallergenic feature [ I have sensitive eyes and skins ], but now I'm down to a a liquid eyeliner [ which doesn't stay on for long ] and and eyeshadow palette thing.

    I've discovered Ulta's eyeshadows which are pretty good for it's price. I own 3 colors so far...

    For Maybeline, I have an old eyeshadow palette [ it sucks !... ], a liquid eyeliner, the Colossal Volume Express [ I love it ], and 2 pencil eyeliners.

    Rimmel London quad pack...sucks, but I need the shades of black/grey...

    MAC blush.

    Elf liquid eyeliner [ doesn't suck, but the part you use to apply the make up does ! It's hard... ]

    Covergirl quad pack and a HiP duo eyeshadow--good stuff.

    I use a Sephora primer and a brush set I got online from Elf.

  • I own a lot of stuff, mostly moisturizers but here we go.

    3 facial cleansers: La Roche Posay, Dove, St. Ives.

    2 moisturizers for my face: La Roche Posay and Dove.

    5 lip balms/lip gloss: Sephora, Lip Smacker and H&M.

    1 tube of hand lotion, 1 thing of vaseline petroleum jelly, 1 thing of body butter and 9 body lotions: Vaseline, Bath and Body Works, Evelyn and Crabtree, Celine Dion body souffle, Sara Sara.

    2 foundations and 2 concealers: Clinique, covergirl and Body Shop.

    5 palettes of eyeshadow: Maybelline, Sephora and covergirl.

    1 eyeliner and 1 mascara: Maybelline and Revlon

    1 trio palette blush: Sephora

  • I've got a bunch of stuff...its getting out of hand.Im building another section to my house just to store all of it.

  • I own one thing of foundation. My mom made me buy that for special occasions and stuff. That's the only make-up I own.

    I do have a a couple of different lotions, but that's because I have excema and I had to buy a special lotion to treat that.

  • I have a lot of makeup, but only use a few of them

    foundation -- BB cream

    clinique pore minimizer

    I don't wear eye shadow or mascara.

  • I have a lot of makeup to be honest.

    I use Revlon Color Stay/Photo Ready foundation and concealers (nothing else, even MAC is comparable to it for me). I don't use primer. I have a bunch of eyeshadows and palettes (from drugstore to MAC/Sephora/Ulta brand), and I also have Nars Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blush. I use Revlon Color Stay eyeliner and Grow Luscious mascara right now. I'm ordering a bunch of stuff for the holidays like Urban Decay Eyeliner, Blinc Mascara, Sephora by OPI polishes, MAC lipsticks, MAC glosses, Nars Turkish Delight gloss, Clarisonic. I don't have a lot of brushes, just a few from MAC and ELF.

    I don't feel guilty about splurging on makeup. I feel and look better.