Guys- What are some things you find attractive in a girl?


Hairstyles, attitudes, things they do, faces the make, colors on them, etc.

:) Thanks!


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  • well I like long hair color doesn't matter skin tone doesn't matter I like a relaxed girl whos funny as hell =P

    • Awesome. :) What about... 'activities'. That sounds so nerdy. But I mean like, things she does outside of school. Do you like a girl who plays sports, an instrument, does things more for guys like fishing or playing COD or something? Idk. Just whatever. :)

    • hmm, well I'd like her to be kinda like me play sports idc I do tho so if we can talk about em cool. plays videogames= good because I can have her over and just chill out and play a little bit a games, smokes for fun= good, idc but if she doesn't like me to smoke then we might have to talk... you know I just like a chill elevated best friend kinda relationship... I don't know if this helps any XP

    • It does! Thanks :P

  • Intelligence! every time.

    There is nothing more attractive that a clever, intelligent and independent thinking women I kid you not!



    • Thank you! What if this girl isn't very good at one class... but you know she's very independent and is trying really hard to figure it out?

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