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1) Medium, blue gingham button up

2) Maroon, merino wool v-neck sweater

3) Black Jeans

4) Brown suede desert boots

I'm aware of the fashion faux-pas of brown and black, but if there's anything the truly stylish endorse it's that there are no rules to style.

I was initially thinking khaki's, but that's too daytime casual. This specific outfit is for nighttime shenanigans. I do have blue jeans which would work as well.

If you truly believe brown shoes are a mistake, what would you choose?



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  • As I understand there is: blue + brown + black --- > a bit too much color mix, depending on the exact colors - don't always go together.

    If it's smth for the evening, black jeans definitely go well with it. Do you have black shoes?

    Another thing. Can you upload a pic of the clothes? Maybe laying on your bed, the way u'd be wearing them. It would help a lot, because there are so many different browns and blues.

    • link

      Pictures can be seen at the link above

      My only black shoes are too formal

    • I somehow don't really like the shoes to this outfit. Do you have any other shoes which would go well to it? Or would you consider in getting a new pair of black - not too formal - shoes?

    • yep, I think I'm going to get some black chelsea's or use my gray chucks


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  • Instead of brown suede boots, wear black. Other than that the outfit sounds quite stylish.

  • the colors sound weird. I mean, blue, maroon, black, brown. the colors are off


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