Guys, why would you not want to look a girl in the eyes?

Its been a while now that my colleague at work doesn't want to look me in the eyes. When he needs to discuss something with me then he would talk but purposefully avoid eye contact. He doesn't do that with anyone else.

Its a bit annoying cause I need to look him in the eyes to make sure he understands what I mean or are OK with my suggestions. So guys, why would you do something like that? And how can I bridge this problem?


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  • If I was attracted to her it could make me feel really self conscious around her and I might not look into her eyes. The reason is that if I look at her and see she's looking at me it makes me even more self conscious and my face might turn red in front of her and everybody else giving away my inner emotions. I used to be really shy and that is exactly what I've done before lol. Age doesn't matter when it comes to shyness, I'm 29 and still struggle with it.

    What you can do is try to talk to him more one on one about light friendly subjects to get him to be more comfortable around you. Joke with him, try to get him to laugh.


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  • Eye contact has always been an issue for me. I pretty much never look people in the eye when I talk to them. It's a common trait of Asperger Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum disorder, which I have. It is possible this guy may have it as well.

  • he is shy probably

  • shyness maybe

    • I probably should also mention that he is 31... how probable is it for someone that age to be shy?

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    • Well, if he didn't fix his shyness over the years, he'll be shy if that's his nature.

    • Some people are just naturally shy. It's part of who they are.

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