So there is this guy, and another one?

I'm in a relationship at present and have been with this guy for over 2 years now. I really really love him and he is the best thing ever. The thing is, when we first started going out, he was always buying me flowers and taking me out to dinner randomly when I didn't expect him to, he was a placement student and we saw each other almost every night and became really close.

The following year, he was back at uni and we were both in final year studying for our degrees (he's doing finance, I am a nursing student) and we didn't see each other as often. He preferred to study during the day and have lunch with his female friends (he has no male friends in his course as he said they don't have common interests) and I was annoyed that he did not want to share lunch with me very often. So I told him this and he said the reason he liked it this way was so he could see me in the evening and relax completely from work and studying.

However, there were many days when I was studying alone and eating lunch alone while he would stay and have lunch with his friends from uni. The reason for this was because he would rather spend a relaxing lunch with me and not have to worry about uni.

Anyway, I failed final year by failing my last module which I have to resit this year and he has now graduated with a first and is working full time. He asked me last night if he was a distraction to my studies and I said "I am just annoyed with the way you acted in final year". Am I being acting too much like a princess or is he genuine?

My last problem is that his friend seems to like me but we are just friends. I think this annoys him so I deleted his friend from my facebook and MSN. He text me the other day being friendly and I replied but I love my boyfriend more than anyone.


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  • No you have every right to be upset, I would be upset if I were in your shoes and I think you went about it the right way talking to him about it and not letting your anger get the best of you. as for his friend he probably isn't much of a friend if he is trying to arouse such feelings in you, knowing that would only put a strain on things for you and your partner.

    • Thanks for your advice and you are right about the friend thing mum said the same thing!

    • good luck with it all and good luck with your modules

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  • you were right to delete him a friend like that is not good. if he really cared about you he would be happy that you are happy. but your boyfriend was not nice during final year. he gave the opportunity to be with you to be a group of friend. you had every right to be up set

    • Thank you Nomadia for your advice it made me feel better :)