Rain Rain go away

So I have short hair

It's cut in an A line bob which means the front is longer than the back.

The back reaches right at my hairline and the front reaches to about 2-3 in below my ears.

It has been raining the past couple days and I live off campus. I literally have about a 10-15 min walk to get to class and I always straighten my hair, but it looks like a wet rat once I get to class.

It's naturally wavy and I already tried to use humidity resistant creme and its not working. Is there a way to do it so it will not look so bad. You can kind of see what my hair looks like from my pictures. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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  • Maybe you could just wear is wavy? get some products for wavy hair to make it look nice. It might look cute if it was wavy and the long bits pinned back, maybe with a alice band.


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  • i have a feeling I shouldn't be answering this but.

    is a rain hood or something like that out of the question?


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