The unconventional beauty?

I was looking through some of the "what's your dream girl?" questions on here and I realized that so many guys like the same few type of looks. It's either straight or wavy hair, fair or slightly tan skin, blue or green eyes (sometimes hazel), doe eyes, curvy body (not obese), 5'6 or shorter, blond or black hair (but if she has black hair she must have blue or green eyes).

Are there any guys out there whose dream girl is an unconventional beauty? Please describe your unconventional beauty. Or a single unconventional characteristic that you strangely find beautiful.


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  • I'm not a guy but if I was, I would like high and prominent cheekbones, full lips, chinky eyes, cinnamon colored skin, big boobs, big butt, small waist but she can be chubby too. Or slim as long as she has curves. And on the tall side. Long dark hair. Feminine style but makes it her own. Someone who doesn't dress like a cookie cutter version of everyone else but someone who accentuates her figure and has a cuteness and sexiness to her style. I noticed a lot of Asian girls have this style that I'm talking about. Someone who knows how to apply makeup, I like cat eyes and smokey eyes and nude lips. And very confident. Insecure girls get on my nerves, I like a chick that's borderline cocky.


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  • I have the hots for Rosa Salazar, who looks nothing like my perfect girl! She's from College Humor! link

    And another thing I find strangely attractive is psychologically screwed up women, specifically, ones that are on drugs, or who are self-obsessed and narcissistic; I suppose the type of girls that think they can use me. Long term commitment to these women is obviously out of the question, but, for short term, it's exotic, new, and generally fascinating; even 'fun' I guess.

    Does that work as "unconventional beauty?"

  • i looovvvveee girls with dyed hair (orange, red, blue, green).

  • Um I don't know if mine is unconventional or not. But I like what a lot of people consider "chubby".

    -Somewhat of a stomach(I like it better than flat)

    -Kind of big thighs.

    -Wide hips

    -Boobs I'm not all that picky but B cup and up.

    -A nice ass(I love bubble butts)



    -Love black, really light blond, and red hair.

    -Green, Grey, and Brown eyes

    - Straight hair is boring. I prefer something more special. like link

    -I like hair that's chin to shoulder length.

    -Um slightly chubby face is super cute

    Is that unconventional or just more normal? From what I've noticed my type of looks are different then most people.

    • There were some unconventional things in that list

    • That's cool. I also love the emo/scene look.

  • An unconventional beauty that I like is the singer Mixi,and Kat Von D. I also like some chubby women and women that have a lot of freckles.

  • I like crazy coloured hair.

  • I am strangely attracted to:

    1. Women who can put you in a moral bind

    2. Smart women who can out-brow you

    3. Tease and denial types

    4. Tall women in long evening-gown type elegant flowing dresses

    Perhaps I should have commented anonymously LOL


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  • I know I'm not a guy,but I like girls and some of the characteristics I like are:

    -Wide set eyes(think Kate Moss,Jessica Szohr,Jessica Alba etc)

    -I think tall and thin can be attractive,but I'm 5'3 so I'd prefer a girl my height ha...nothing personal

    -Skin color doesn't matter

    -Hair is whatever

    -Almond shaped eyes

    • I also think people from Africa,Asia and Europe are better looking than American whites(I know,this will come as a shocker to white people)

  • Not any same guy sees beauty the same way.

    I'm sure there's someone out there who finds you beautiful just the way you are.