What do you think of scars?

i kinda like them to be honest, I think theyre beautiful in a way.

i notice girls speaking how they hate scars, like stretch marks (of course I don't really think stretch marks are beautiful :P but they are so common I just consider them apart of skin now) burn scars or like a cut that has healed and left its mark from years ago.

my ex had a very long scar on his back from when he was young and got hurt. I always liked seeing it.

they add character. so why do people worry so much about them? what do you think.


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  • i defiantly don't have a problem with scars I actually like them on girls or guys. they are a way of life love em or hate em they always gunna be around..some kinda tell a story.


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  • When I was little I fell off the monkey bars and split my forehead open. I have a scar but you can't really see it anymore only when the sun shines bright on it.

    I have learnt to except. People called me Harry Potter lol. But only mucking around

  • I don't like or dislike scars. I'm neutral about them.