Meeting People at the Giants Game?

So I'm 17 years old, pretty cute (not to be cocky), and single.

Tomorrow night I'm going to the giants game with my mom and her boyfriend. I've never been to a football game, so I don't really know what to expect.

But what I WOULDD like to know, is what the chances are of me being able to pick up a cute guy =) any tips, pointers, places to go? conversation starters? anything would help =)

thanks everyone, I'm sick of the single life and wanna have a great night.even if I'm with my mom lol


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  • hmm.u can go up to the guy first and start a convo or give him a look or smile at him. you can start the convo off by asking him which team he likes or what number player he likes. you should start out a convo by asking what he might like. you could go near the middle area or in the back because there might be cute or hot guys there. later after making some convo ask him if he has a girlfriend and if he doesn't.thn. go get him! but if he has a girlfriend thn just casually excuse yourself to go to the restroom and go away for a while and go to anothr seat.

  • ew the giants ? they f***ing suck . I don't care what you say they def. didn't deserve to win super bowl 42 . the patriots should have . it was a no brainer . the refs. def. made some bad calls to cause a huge upset.

    • Hhaah I don't even watch football, my mom just had tickets to the game so I went it was the one where they were up against the patriots again, they won. again lol

    • Sweetie . it was a preseason game . those don't mean shit . if you were smart . you would know .