When do girls start considering compatibility over just looks?

I was hanging out with this girl (19) for about a month and it was going really well. We had so much in common and I thought we'd make a great couple. Then, she met my friend, who honestly only looks a little bit better than me, but who she has nothing in common with and she's suddenly all over him and now I'm just her best guy friend? My friend says he's standing down out to respect me, but she's still obviously interested in him...

Will she ever realize that she's being so superficial and missing out on something great?

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Im curious how much age or at least age-range effects female opinions on this subject.

So can voters post their age/answer below if nothing else.


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  • Well at least you know how she is now before getting more serious with her. She isn't worth worrying over. She obviously goes for the looks. You know there is no point in working your body just to impress a girl and make her like you. I believe, that love is about loyalty, trust worthy and faithful. The body nor looks play a minor role in my opinion. You deserve some-one better than her. But just know that making yourself noticed (building your body) isn't the answer. If you ever meet a girl who is loyal to you, faithful, and meets hotter guys than you but has her eyes locked on you, you've found some-one. Don't worry you will find some-one

    • Well said. Thank you for the positive encouragement.

      PS. I actually started body building for more therapeutic and self-motivated reasons. Also, I'm an actor and filmmaker and I wanted to be eligible for more roles :D

    • No worries.

      I hope your career all works out. You will meet some-one.

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  • wow,she should be very ashamed

    is your friend interested in her ? but I'm sure you deserve someone better so just let her go

    • Well now she's trying to join my group of friends and I told him how I have feelings for her and it would be tough for me to see them together all the time so he agreed and is staying very neutral on the subject (though he has stolen another girl from me in the past that almost destroyed our friendship)... So, I'm skeptical as to his loyalty.

      Its just such a confidence killer when you work so hard to have a great body, style, hygiene, etc. and it all goes unnoticed for someone 2 inches taller.

    • you shouldn't let that bring your confidence down! there is always someone who is more attractive and less attractive than you

      love yourself for your personality and I'm sure other girls would appreciate that :)

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