Things I can do to attract the guy I like? Can you please help me out?

what are somethings I can do to attract the guy I like...without being trashy or provocative... I don't need sarcasm or sh*tty answers... thanks :)


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  • Smile, make eye contact, be casual (not pushy!) and honestly, just be you. If you attract a guy by acting as the complete opposite of yourself then the relationship will never go anywhere due to the obvious reason that the guy you like won't know the real you. I looked at your picture and both of the girls in the picture are pretty, so whatever one you are, you don't need to dress provocative to attract a guy (and I respect you for not wanting to).


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  • You have boobs!

  • just be yourself, don't be some thing your not. guys like laid back, honesty, respect, humor