How can I look both cute and comfy for finals week?

all this week is finals week at my school, so I'll spend pretty much all my time studying in the library. finals week also means that all the cute guys will be in the library too. now I know that getting good grades is my number 1 priority, but I still want to look good. so how can I look nice but be comfy enough to spend my whole day in the library? ps, it'll be about 10 degrees outside every day. thanks!


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  • Well it depends on how you want guys to see you. Layer clothing for warmth and don't wear yoga pants and make sure you sit like a lady ( this one girl in the library who was wearing yoga pants with her ass in the air. And all I was thinking was doesn't this girl have class?)

    Wear light makeup that bring our your eye color and wear some mascara and lip gloss and make sure you smell nice! Lol a big turn on if she smells nice!


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  • don't wear slutty clothes, wear nice clothes and be yourself. don't cake on make up.

  • Chances are that they won't really be looking too closely at you, unless they happen to be in your class. As a whole, we really can't do two things at once. It's either study or check out chicks, but not both.

    • i'm going to be in study groups with hot guys, so I'm hoping they'll notice me a little.

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  • Wear a sweater, some skinny jeans and suede boots.

  • wear yoga pants and a cute top. they're casual and comfy and make your legs and butt look great

    • No,if you have a nice butt and legs they can make them look better,they themselves don't make anyone look better...just saying

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    • hahahahah---^^

    • i'm a size 4 and "butt guys" always seem to be attracted to I guess I can pull off yoga pants, yes?

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