Why bother on getting always anonymous?

This whole site is anonymous. Do you guys really care that much on what people think? I'm saying for the ones that get anonymous on everything they post and comment. No offense, though


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  • Anonymous has no face, no race and no origin. Anonymous is a force and as such, simply is.

    Anonymous is not I, you, or we. Anonymous is all without name, blame, and restraint.

    Anonymous cannot be hurt, damaged, or stopped. Anonymous grows at a rate that only itself can comprehend.

    Anonymous has no leader, no organization. Anonymous is a wandering mass of both order and chaos.

    Anonymous is here, Anonymous is now, Anonymous will always be.

    Anonymous has another among its unfathomable ranks.

    Anonymous is Legion, Anonymous is Immortal.


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  • They want to be able to contradict themselves without showing who they are.

  • Well if you notice it's lots of girls going anonymous asking "vagina" questions. They're embarrassed about, and say they dont' want guys sending them chat mail. It's crap! They can always block them, it's just their excuse because they don't want to look like dirty sluts.

    • well yeah, I guess that's a good excuse on getting anonymous. But many others get anonymous on the "does he like me" questions and all those bunch of stupid questions...and answers. What's your excuse? ;)

    • I'm just playing along with the joke. What's your excuse for posting this topic, baby doll?

    • baby doll? ha ha umm.. well curiosity, boredom, I guess :P

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  • I wish the anonymous feature didn't exist. We're on the internet and strangers anyway.

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    • Because I like to help people. I never said I don't care. I just don't see a place for anonymity when we don't even know each other.

    • Yes we do not know each other so why does it matter if the name is m-m-i-k-e-0 rather than a-n-o-n-y-m-o-u-s? Just curious

  • just to p*ss people like you off

  • To not get blocked when answering a question from uptight people who get their panties all wadded up.

    Sheesh, some people can't handle the truth.