VEET on FULL body?

ok so I'm not so much hairy or anything, but have small baby kind of hairs which I still don't want on my body, so instead of painful wax (which I don't always have in emergency situations), I use VEET cream on my own when I have to meet my guy or showoff my body to him or wearing sexy tops, shorts and etc. Now, do you guys think it's harmful for my body to use veet or it's ok? or should I get waxed instead? So let me know what you people think!

PS: just incase you guys wonder: I use VEET on: My full arms, half chest to belly, thighs to legs, and wana do the whole back part too, haven't done it yet)


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  • i don't think it's harmful, I just started using veet on my bikini area and my legs. don't see why it would hurt much else.