When an attractive guy breaks eye contact, is he suddenly less attractive?

Girls: If your eyes meet with the eyes of a guy you find attractive, and he looks down or looks away, do you:

Start to loose attraction for him?

Think it's cute because he's nervous?

Think nothing of it at all and just forget about him?

Think something must be wrong with YOU?

I just want to know what goes through your head.


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  • I wouldn't say I would loose attraction for him just because he looked away a few times. If it's constant, I might think he might dislike me or something, but once or twice is normal in my opinion. If I only catch him looking at me once and he looks away quickly, I would forget about it. Everyone zones off every once in a while. I shouldn't care if I catch someone just zoning out in my general direction. You should try to keep eye contact for a few seconds if you like her, if you don't, quit looking. You'll just send the wrong message. Don't constantly stare. That's just REALLY creepy and you'll make the girl uncomfortable.


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  • i would be worried if h didn't look somewhere else briefly. when people talk we naturally break eye contact occasionally, otherwise it's just creepy.

  • If he did it frequently, I would think that he was not interested.

  • Personally he doesn't become unnattractive, he just seems to not be interested.


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