Help me get rid of the bags under my eyes?

So the last couple weeks I haven’t been sleeping too well or very much at all & I’ve noticed the bags under my eyes are getting worse & worse, no matter how much I sleep.

So does anyone have any tips or tricks to get rid of them? (Saying sleep more won't help - sleeping as much as I can atm)

Are there any specific creams or home remedies or anything?Help me get rid of the bags under my eyes?


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  • Try tea bags. I’ve heard that works. You take a teabag, put it in a cup of hot water, squeeze all the water out and then put it in the fridge for a couple minutes to cool and then once you take them out, put them on your eye (please close your eyes and then put them on). Eating healthy also helps alongside drinking a lot of water. Try vitamin K. You can make a vitamin C paste and put it on as a mask (my gran does that for her eyes). You could also used vitamin E oil; before you go to bed put a drop on each side of your under eye and rub it in.

    • I'll try all of those, thanks. If I think about it my water intake has been horrible the last couple months & but everything else should be good enough

    • Remember they take time. You can do it for a week and expect it to be completely gone. But good luck and let me know how it goes!

    • I also heard about the tea bag method but green tea bags work the best apparently

  • All i can say is there is a product on line that help with bags under your eyes. Its a cream and it works awesome. there's various of them, which ever one u pick its fine, they all work great. I have one too, as i dont sleep very well either. It sound like you have sleep apnea, thats when some has a sleep disorder and it can be cure, by doing lots of exercises and a well balance diet, and try to reduce stress as much as possible as you can if you can. But be easy on yourself, do something you like doing that is calming for you, take big breath relaxation that helps the body too. Try it and see. Have fun sleeping. Lol!

    • I'll try that out & i'm not really sure what it is, unless i'm physically & mentally exhausted I struggle to sleep at night because my brain just keeps ticking & turning, yet sleeping during the afternoon is so simple.
      I exercise a lot, my diet should be pretty healthy & balanced too. Stress has been a lot higher recently, but then it's probably always pretty high anyway. Not much calms me down, I find it difficult to just doze off unless i'm literally exhausted.

    • Thsnks for the MHO! Sweet.

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  • Make up is the easiest answer, it takes a lot of sleep to clear up such things, especially if you have a history of sleep deprivation.

    • One suggestion I won't try, thanks anyway

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    • I understand the sensitive skin and the general dislike of the purpose of makeup, but I feel like if anything, letting ourselves get shamed by society makes us less manly. If society says I'm gay for wearing a pink shirt, fuck them, I know I'm not gay and I like the color, so I'm wearing it and not caring what they think. If it doesn't directly impact them then they can shove their opinion up their ass. That said i don't see a need for makeup, but if I cared enough to get rid of my own eye bags or if I was doing some acting then I totally would, there is nothing feminine about putting effort into your appearance and that's all you are doing by applying makeup, you are putting effort into changing the way you look.

      I'm sorry if I'm rambling at all but this topic gets me a little worked up, it makes me upset that so many men have been shamed this bad that they feel less masculine simply for buying a product, as if masculinity is determined by whats on your shopping list.

    • Nah I get it, it's not really "right" - but it's the way it is nonetheless.

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  • Dude you should deal with your sleep problems not with the bags under your eyes, cause they will go once you got rid of the underlying issue.

    • I struggle to sleep at night, but if I sleep during the day anyway, I can't sleep at night even worse.
      I'm sleeping as much as I can.

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    • Yep they are all things I should be doing, but I generally spend all my day in bed, on my laptop or phone because well unless I’m at the gym, uni, work, or my internship I’m alone.. so yeah not much else to do.

      I think a lot of it is stress from my internship & lack of sleep from getting up early for my internship too. Likely I should see someone but I’m too afraid of that so I never have (possibly have anxiety/depression - says a mate who has anxiety)

    • Ok then how about this: set yourself a time where you are not allow yourself to do anything but sleep.
      Schedule everything you have to do around that time so that there are no excuses not to sleep.

      Then when it's sleeping time, again: no entertainment or communication device in the bedroom.

      Avoid being in bed when you have no business there. If you're up, get up. Sit at your desk or whatever but don't let your sleeping area be multi purpose.

      Anxiety builds more the more you succumb to it. Maybe get a therapist for that but you can work on those issues.

      I know I'm repeating myself when I'm constantly talking about a schedule but really this is so important. At least temporarily till you got rid of the problem.

  • apply ice
    Use salt water soaked in cotton.
    Apply them on the swollen area.


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