Filtering for Assertive Women?

I have weird taste in women. I love the assertive and opinionated type, even though that causes workable problems later on. Would what be some good (preferably flirty) screening questions for when I just met a gal?

Just to clarify: I'm looking for help with weeding out the shy, introverted, traditionalist one's.


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  • ... Have you actually met any assertive women? They're usually fairly easy to distinguish from the other varieties. If you're in doubt, say something slightly controversial or playfully provocative and see if she rises to the challenge. If you're really sure you want to eliminate the introverts*, then make yourself a challenge to keep up with in conversation. That would definitely do the trick. Shy* people generally cut and run the second someone forces them out of their comfort zone, whereas bold people revel in it.

    For something subtler, look at the body language. Dominant people tend to have open stances, shoulders back, heads up, less covert facial expressions. Look for women who make and maintain eye contact, speak confidently, and have good posture. Usually one can tell instinctively how comfortable someone is in her own skin by sight alone.

    Enthusiasm is pretty easy to tell from assertiveness. A shy, but "enthused" girl will lean forward, bat her eyelashes, nod, smile, and listen much more than she speaks. She won't take a side that will force her to defend her convictions, and will keep to topics on which you will agree, or on which there is no real debate. An assertive girl will try to take the lead in conversation, or at least match you step for step, and will never allow you to monopolize the conversation without taking her views into account.

    I'm reluctant to provide readymade dialogue, because that never really works. The topic of conversation will depend on the context and your respective interests. Excuse the assumption, but given your age, I'm going to conclude that you're a student. If so, then you're in an ideal position to find educated, argumentative girls with whom you likely have a lot in common (e.g. classes). Just wing it, don't bother with pre-prepared prompts.

    *Note: I'm not sure "shy" or "introverted" are the words I want, I'm just using them so that my answer is phrased along the same lines as your question. Shy people can be very opinionated, and even assertive once they choose to break their shell. Perhaps "submissive" or simply bland.


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  • Be a little cocky, assertive women will give it right back.

  • Lol. Are you trying to screen out the assertive girls?

    • No, I want to date more assertive girls. Pairing me with an introverted girl is a recipe for disaster.

    • that should be easy. it's easy to tell if someone is shy within the first second of meeting them

    • Shy girls still can still give the, "OMG cute boy!" facial reaction. Enthusiasm is not assertiveness.

      I want a girl who is comfortable with disagreeing with a guy she finds attractive... Perhaps I can ask about football?...

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