Red Christmas party dress.. what should I do?

So I got a red dress(darker red but still bright)) for the work Christmas party and I'm wondering what I should do with: makeup. Should I do smokey eyes and a neutral lip or natural eyes and red lip stick? Also I don't know what to do with my hair. ALSO shoes and accessories. Black or silver? What do you guys think? Thanks in advance for any answers(:


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  • It's a work party, so keep it low key.

    No smokey eyes.

    Maybe gold eyeshadow, but the red lipstick should work

    This eye makeup would look perfect:


    for lipstick, something really bright would be fun


    Because your lips will be so bright, keep the eyes a bit toned down

    Shoes -- black pumps, you can't go wrong with it

    And a cute gold clutch



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  • For me, with a red dress, stay away from red lipstick. Let the dress speak for its self.

    Besides, matching the red to the dress could be hard, and then if you got the right red to go with the dress, it might not work on your lips - even if the dress works well with your complexion. Red lipstick is annoying like that.

    I'd definitely go with a smoky eye - they look really good when done right, but don't go OTT, stick to the lower part of the lid, and maybe with a really dark brown instead of black to take away some of the harshness.

    A neutral lip, or something like a nude/beige gloss would look good too. But a light pink of clear gloss would work as well.

    As for your hair, seen as I don't know what the dress looks like, it's hard to say what to do with your hair. Half up half down (pinned, maybe with a slight bit of back-combed volume)with a curl usually looks good.

    Something like: link

    Accessories wise, I'd go with black - they'd be simply, wouldn't detract from the dress, it's a classic combination. Black heels, round toe platform pumps (not a huge platform) like the Louboutin's. And a black clutch, I have a really nice sequin detail one, it's all black so it's not too fussy - but up close it's really delicate and cute.

  • red lipstick with a red dress would be too much for a work part imo. I would go with a more subdued color.

    do silver shoes as well, it will look more festive. black is nice and goes with everything but you don't want to be sultry at a work gathering do you?

    for hair, I think a nice, flirty bun, with soft curls cascading down. similar to the ones taylor swift does, only as a brunette in a red dress, you'll look better. top it off with a great pair of dangling silver earrings.

    at work you'll want to look classy, fun, sexy and confident, not smoldering, hot and sultry. I think this kind of combo or something close to it will pull that off.

  • I think a smokey eye (silver and black) with a matching red lip. If your hair is long, you should pull it in a low side pony with the top poofed a little and the ends curled. If its medium or short pull it half up with a small poof and keep it straight. Black Heels and black and silver accessories. (: Have fun girl!

  • Definitely do a more neutral eye with a RED lip. That would make you pop.

    But if you're wanting something festive and cute you could use a silvery, frosty eye. Like this-

    As for your hair, since it's long just wear it down and straight. It looks nice that way. And keep your accessories silver or gold. Not black.