Tips for shaving less often?

Hey all, this is mainly aimed towards other guys but womanly advice is always appreciated. Right now, I usually have to shave at least twice a week. I can usually get away not shaving the day after but in order to maintain the smooth look I have to shave the 2nd day after and definitely the 3rd. Its in the genes. It is so annoying to have to do it so often. I would love to somehow be able to reduce it at least once a week. Some people have recommended that I should grow a beard but no thanks, not my style. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. thanks


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  • consider yourself lucky. some guys have to shave everyday, like my brother. sometimes he has to shave twice a day.

    waxing or using tweezers should help since it removes the entire hair instead of cutting it short. if you have big money I would suggest laser hair removal.


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  • I shave every day, and I wind up with Miami Vice 5 o'clock shadow by the time I get home. It's not like shaving takes very long, what's the big deal?