Which lipstick do you think suits me the best?

Sorry for my tiredness in the last photo and lack of other makeup x)
Also please ignore the brows in the third photo, my friend wanted to do them πŸ˜‚
Actually you know what, tell me what you think of those too, I'm so not used to seeing them that bold!
  • Which lipstick do you think suits me the best??1.
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  • Which lipstick do you think suits me the best??2.
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  • Which lipstick do you think suits me the best??3.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • second looks a little better, but i think you would do more good without any lipstick

  • The darker shade in 3 goes well with the bold brows and the choker. But I like 1 the most. Very Veronica Lake, with your hair that way.


Most Helpful Girls

  • I really like the third one, I think because you have quite light features it pops in a good way. I also like the first one, but not a fan of the middle one. And your brows look good both ways.

    • Every time I come across your screen name on here it always makes me think of "Wuthering" Heights (a bummer of a novel). Is "witherwing" at all inspired by "Wuthering"?

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    • I presumed that it comes from Harry Potter, Buckbeak is called Witherwings after he escapes execution.

    • Ah! As you can clearly see I don't read or watch the Harry Potter stuff or else I would have known that. I am more up on my BrontΓ« sisters than I am J. K. Rowling!

  • I think you pull them all off! It just depends what look you're going for. The first shade looks sultry, the second shade looks more sweet and girly, and the third shade looks badass.

    And your eyebrows look good πŸ‘


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