Why does he look at me?

so I've been in love with this boy since 2 years. I told him that I love him but he said that he hates me (many of you say he don't deserve you ...but I adore him he is like my desire)anyway when he told me that he hates me after that many bullsh*ts happened. for instance I got a fake boyfriend to make him jealous and he was. he asked me in school from where do you know this guy about three times and I didn't give him an answer.(I'm in the 9th grade) and another example we told each other bad words on face book messages and then he said fine I don't want to know you so when we see each other again in school or out we will act as if we haven't met in the whole like.furthermore on a math exam he was sitting next to me so I couldn't solve anything so he let me cheated from him. that all was last year.

this year we do act like we never met before but something is weird is happening when I see him in the hallway my eyes catches his yes looking at me but not all the time he just looks and turns away he doesn't stare. he looks at me about 3 times a day or I catch him looking at me.

so my question is why does he look at me if he HATES ME ?

plz ... if you read the question answer it ..plz


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  • He probably has a thing for you but doesn't know how to talk to you

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