What do most guys look for in a girl ?



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  • well that that dude said is kinda true.. its a fact.. but the ones that really want to have an honest relationship in a girl is actually the ones that are serious when it comes to their love life.

    okay, what those guys really look for in a girl.. basically sense of humor.. a guy really is entertained by a girl that can joke around and laugh their ass out.. its really fun to have a girlfriend that has a good sense of humor.. besides that, a guy likes it when a girl knows how to be romantic, not only the guy has to be romantic but also the girl.. not many girls see this as something very important. but guys really like romantic moments when the girls actually come up with them.. its a bonus.. trust and respect.. it is key importance and it is what that makes a relationship work for long terms.. and last but not least, the girl's appearance.. a girl that can dress up, no matter how her body is (boobs and butt), it is a real turn on.. a girl don't have to be a total hottie (though it is a bonus), fashion sense is a total turn on to some guys.

    hope this helps you decipher what goes on in a guy's head.. =)

    • is that dude me?

    • thank you :D, yep it has helpes thanks :) xxx

    • ladsin: yes brothah.. it is u.. lol..

      question asker: but don't get all cocky abt how much you know either.. dudes hate that.. keep it low profile and surpise them slowly.. ;)

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  • one night stand girl:

    differs from time to time, but usually big breast and a bazooka booty

    girl who's easy going and looks to have a nice pussy, idc

    Relationship Material Girl:

    Funny as hell, that's my favorite girl she doesn't have to be beautiful as long as she has a sense of humour I can think of any girl while having sex... current girl I'm getting nto is funny as hell and gives me free weed, we smoke before school to get more into the whole funny mood.

    • aww... minus but no comment? I wish I knew why somebody'd hate when I'm just tryin ta help...

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    • lol np =P

    • :D xxx

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  • short but true: to please them on all levels...emotionally, sexually, mentally,etc...