Saw my boyfriend saying how hot women are a clubs, yet he never says I look hot?

i think I look great...or I try to think I look great. but lately I have been thinking maybe I am wrong. I do love my face, everything about it. I also love my hair, boobs, and was okay with my body until today.

i went on facebook and (my boyfriend and I DO go out with friends without the other) I saw some posts on my boyfriend's page he made. he was saying how good club girls look and how much better they look than hoe-ish half naked women at raves. Him and another male friend were talking, and the other male was exclaiming how he is afraid to approach sexy my man said he will be his wing man at parties in the future. I honestly think I am better looking than my boyfriend, and everyone always tells me it. but I don't care because I can date someone who is not even physically attractive as long as I find what is on the inside attractive. him and his friend were talking about how hot milfs are in Vegas and how hot women are at clubs...but whenever I go out and look better than most of the women at the clubs or wherever he goes, I get no such remark from him. he never tells me I look hot or anything. he will tell me I "look good" or "that looks nice" or "wow your boobs look huge in that". but I want to feel pretty...or sexy...those comments do not make me feel too great.

I'm really down right now, I feel like maybe he doesn't think I am pretty enough. like maybe I should act like more of the snobby hot women him and his friend were talking about. that maybe if I acted more like a bitch or gold digger he would think I am more sexy...and not just some girl. I am starting to think I'm not even pretty anymore. I used to model and everything...but now, I feel like maybe all those photo shoots and gigs weren't because I looked great, but because I looked so bad and they were making a joke by taking pix and paying me me. I don't know what to think anymore...he only tells me he likes how I look if I ask. what should I do? I don't know what to think anymore...why would a guy do this?


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  • First of all, you have to realize that men will make comments about other womens' looks until the day they die, regardless of whether they are in a committed relationship or not. And even if they don't say it, they're thinking it. So this doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't find you attractive or hot. I doubt he would be with you if he didn't, because it sounds like looks are really important to him.

    I do know that sometimes a guy will refrain from complimenting his girl too much if he feels insecure or "less than" in some way, so this could be just a sign of his own feelings of far as physical appearance goes. Sometimes this happens too if you've been together for a while, and those initial feelings of excitement and novelty have worn off a bit.

    My advice is try not to depend so much on his validation to know that you are attractive and have something to offer. Just because he doesn't say it to you or makes comments about other girls, doesn't mean he doesn't think YOU are hot. When you're away from him, flirt a little bit, enjoy the looks and attention you get from other men. There's nothing wrong with it, and the confidence you get from it will make you even sexier to your guy.


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  • try this , he's saying all this stuff about all these other women right , play the reverse next time out if with a friends (hopefully one of your girlfriends "say don't you think that guy over there is hot ? do it several times maybe on Facebook write something about some guy you both may know saying something ike "you know when he was younger he wasn't to much to look at but it seems like he's gotten pretty( buff / hot /sexy or any other adjectives you may like to express.)

    if he complains about it (hopefully jealously , just say well how does it feel to have me talking about sexy hot guys here and on Facebook and being my girlfriends wing man at a club somewhere. because if your upset that's exactly how I feel when you do it to me. if I'm npo longer pretty enough for you and you have to talk crap about other girls then maybe you should go wirth one of them.?(ya I know bold ) I'm a guy but that just isn't right for a guy to do to someone he's supposed to care about. my opinion is he may not care about you as much as you tthink he might. because if he did he'd never do it in your presence or even to wghere you could reas itr like Facebook. jerks and players do that. . if you don't believe me ask on any nice guy type blog what jerk type actions towards girls are . they'll go hand in hand with how your boyfriend is acting.

    the thing with his buddy and saying he'd be his wing guy is something he should say can you help me with my buddy and help me be his wing man. almost could say he didn't and most likely it'll be without you around in the night he helps his buddy.

    i'm not saying that this is the gospel here but by what you posted is true it makes it seem that way.

    just be aware that he at present isn't being the best boyfriend he should be at present time

    again if he truly cared none of his actions or words spoken or written wouldn't be happening now. at present I haven't looked at what others may have said here but if they viewed my post most likely they may agree with me somewhat.

    for ever what its worth that any girl (or guy if situation was reversed) should never bee treated as

    such because your worth more than that and deserve better than that


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  • I would dump him because he isn't appreciating you or cherishing you. Let him know that you could do better than him. Honestly if you DID act like the snobby hot women you'd see a big change in his reaction. As much as guys say they wish they had a down to earth nice girl, once they get her they don't appreciate her because there are too many sexy hot girls around for them to focus on. I don't think this guy even appreciates you at all so why waste anymore time with him. You're a former model its not like you can't find another guy

  • How about you go out to clubs with girl friends and then post about how all the dudes looked so hot. I guarantee your boyfriend will get the hint.