What hair style should I go with?

I used to be one of those quite kids in my high school but no I'm very outgoing, I hang out with the "cool" crowd and the class clown pretty much. I need my hairstyle to represent who I am now. I used to just comb it back in a "slick" style. But I don't think it suits me and the new crowd I hang out with. Any suggestions? Pics: (if they work lol) {You got to copy and paste to view them =/ I think it would be a more constructive answer if you look ;)}



Thanks for the help!


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  • i don't have any pics but bald/faded up always is hot to me. it can be professional if need be, and if you have the head to pull it off do it. =]


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  • just go to the hair cut shop and tell em just do whatever they want. They usually end up with something pretty sick. ( Go to a good hair cut shop not like super cuts I don't trust them)

    • Did you just make one appointment and do it all there? Or did you make separate appointments. I never wens to a hair saloon before xD.