What are some physical traits that are just unacceptable/unattractive for girls?

Except obesity or being anorexic or too muscular.

Like maybe dark circles, gaps between teeth, frizzy hair, braces, large feet, fake hair, freckles, oblong face shape, low nose bridge, etc

Basically, I want to know what guys DON'T like. Like what's the one (or few) physical traits that can make an otherwise cute girl unattractive?


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  • I think this is a very open question that is based on personal preferences. You're saying one can't mention "fat" however,some men don't think that a woman being overweight is unattractive.Some men want a lot more meat on their girls bones. Gaps between the teeth...i have a big ole gap between my two front teeth that will remain there forever because I don't give a sh*t. Yeah some guys may hate it,but then some guys have told me it's beautiful and to never change it. So it's really a personal preference as to what some like and don't like. But that goes for anyone. Somethings may be rejected and others accepted.


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  • Everything can be improved.. If you have any reason to feel insecure, figure out why YOU think that is (or ask a really hot guy around you, what you could improve to look better) and then take care of each thing as necessary.

    When I first started, I thought my smaller frame would be unappealing towards most women - I figured it out after several times in public that my frame is just fine, it was my mindset that was making it unattractive.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • It would have been cool if you actually answered my question.

    • What's unattractive is unattractive -> Flabby skin, piercings, tattoos, bad attitudes, snobby remarks when people are trying to help, etc and so forth.. If you have an extensive understanding of what you find attractive then you will have a basic knowledge of what others may find attractive as well.. Or at least how to spot what they find unattractive.. Obviously it's unattractive when someone picks their nose, but it's attractive when they make you laugh. I won't list every possible action/trait

  • its weird I love certain piercings on girls like belly button , small nose stud , tongue . but there is certain weird piercings I hate with a pashion . like weird facial piercings , in noses , lips , eyebrows . its weird I like piercings but certain ones a major turn off . so throw a ugly lip stud on a cute girl and it ruins it for me

    • haha! this made me laugh. lip and nose piercings aren't that weird at all! (:

    • maybe weird was the wrong word . I just meant I didn't fidn them attractive on a lot of girls I see with them

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