How to remedy frizz/coarse/dry hair?

Ever since the age of 14, my hair went from a transition from straight/healthy/shiny into a mess of coarse/dry hair that frizzes after showers for a good day or two. I typically shower every other day during the cold and everyday during the warm seasons, so my hair is constantly frizzing. I've had to keep it cut short and go to the barber every 2 weeks just to make sure it doesn't get too serious. I basically can't grow my hair out before it looks like a bushy Brillo pad.

Is there a way to remedy this? I've tried using a variety of hair products such as conditions and oils you'd find at your local pharmacy, but none have proven to be effective. Hell, using those oils sometimes made the frizz even more obvious.

Not sure what to do here, any tips appreciated!


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  • My hair gets frizzy during the summer from the heat so I can relate.

    If you're wiling to try a girl hair product- Chi Silk Infusion makes your hair healthy and would definitely alleviate some of those frizz/coarse/dry hair issues. After you shower and wash your hair, put a dime sized amount in your palms and rub the product through your hair. And you're done.

    • I'll check it out-thanks for the recommendation!

    • No problemo. Wishing you many good hair days in the future. :)

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