Would I be attractive in your eyes?

Here's a fun little game, I describe myself - and you tell me if I'm the kinda guy you might be into.



190 lbs. (average build) - I'm told I look skinny, but I personally know I could stand to lose 5-10 lbs

Shaggy Brown Hair ~ 3.5 inches long\

Some scruff, usually shave once a week

Light side burns

Usually wear t-shirts and khakis

Average looking? No one has ever really told me how I look other than my mom saying I look handsome and all that.

Personality traits:

Nice - Like to do anything for my friends

Goofy - I don't really know how to expand upon this too much, I just tend to make weird faces and obscure noises when I hang out with people I know. My roomates girlfriend claims I'm a cat because I meow a lot when she's in the room

Reserved - I used to be shy, but now I'm more of just a quiet person - particularly in groups of 5 or more. Though if its just me and a couple of guys I'll actually talk quite a lot.

Funny - Occasionally I'll make jokes that get some good laughs. I usually wait till the right moment and try to say something creative

Relaxed - I tend to not let things get to me, at least initially. I give everyone at minimum a chance before I pass judgement.

Friendly - Can name less people than I have fingers that I haven't gotten along with. I approach everyone as though I'm already friends with them. And though I'm not overly "huggy" I do certainly enjoy giving out hugs.

What do I do for fun:

Anything with friends - I'm pretty much willing to try anything when I do it with a bunch of my peers.

Ultimate Frisbee - Played it for 8 years, love it, but typically only play a few times a month

Video Games - But only when there's nothing else to do

What I want in a relationship:

Something simple. I haven't ever had a girlfriend. I've been on some dates, but nothing has ever gone past that (and even those dates were seemingly just hanging out with a friend, who happens to be a girl). Just want a girl I can talk to about anything, someone who makes me smile.


I listen to every genre, but my favorites are 90's Rock, Indie, Metal, and Rave


I'm a 21, senior computer science student going to school in Alabama. I've lived in the south all my life, but have no accent. My biggest pet peeve is Ignorance. I like to play guitar, but I'm still fairly new at it and don't put much time into learning it.

Hmmm, that's all I can think of for now - feel free to nit pick it as much as possible like : I don't like guys who wear t-shirts

Guess I'll throw in a pic and you can pick that apart too. i55. tinypic.com /5plkqs.jpg (put the pieces of the link back together)


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  • All that's nice and dandy, but in a real life scenario I would only be attracted to you on a purely physical level at first. Because I'd have nothing else to go by. After getting to know you, watching you and learning about you my attraction could grow into something more.


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