Do I contact him after a break up so he can get his clothes back?

ok.. so a guy I grew up with and went through primary school with, he was the one that pulled my piggy tails (literally) and threw me into the little fishy pond in year five then we ended up at the same high school.. in his last year we started dating and after 12 years of foreplay like flirting and sexting ect.. we got together.. he was perfect, till he cheated on me I forgave him but then when he started going to see other girls I got uncomfortable and told him, he got the sh*ts then a week later dumped me over a text at nine pm even thou that day at 4pm we talked over the phone and he was fine everything was normal... I didn't reply the text just said "i don't want us to be together anymore. I'm sorry" so I didn't reply and then the next night he sent me a message saying hey did you get my message? I didn't reply to it either so now one week later I don't really miss him cause I found out he wasn't only seeing me... but I still have clothes of him that I know he loves... should I text him and ask him if he wants them back?

please help I need to know whether just to never talk to I'm again or get him to come get his shirt... help!


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  • Yeah no response back to him, mail it back to him, you don't have to see him to give it back. he will only say something to counteract what he said previously.

  • Just throw the damn thing out. Why bother?