I told him that I liked him. What does this mean? Guys, help me out.

Okay, so there's this guy I really like and we've been talking more and more lately. Last night we talked forever about absolutely nothing. Sonic drinks, Nike Tennis shoes. We've grown really comfortable around each other. He is really sweet. If we go anywhere together he opens my car door for me getting in and out and he lets me wear his jacket occasionally and constantly compliments me and flirts with me...so, I told him that I liked him and all he said was "You're a pretty girl." and then said he had to go to bed very abruptly. So, what exactly does that supposed to mean?


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  • Maybe he's just scared about talking to you about the way he feels? Like under pressure sorta thing! I think there might be something between you though, but play it cool. What will be, will be :)

    • I sure hope so. Thank you! I'll keep it cool. ;)

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