Does anyone know how to trim my inner thighs?

I'm okay with the rest of my body, but one thing that kinda bothers me are my inner thighs. it seems as if most of the fat that I gain either goes to my gut or my inner thighs. can anyone tell me what I need to do to slim them down

This is how I sort'ove eat on a typical day.


a bowl of cereal(around 100[kamut cereal] to 150 [normal cereal , like cherrios] calories)


I usually don't have a lot of time for lunch at school, so I usually try to have a special K granola bar and/or a small treat(ex:one of those 100 calorie snacks)


On the days I have gymnastics, I'd eat or drink something that gives me energy, like a granola bar or a smoothie. (about 100-200 calories)


It depends what's in the fridge, but I'd most likely have something like a salad. with something like a fruit or yogurt as dessert. (I don't know how many calories that is...)

so is this a good eating plan? and if not, since I have a pretty hectic schedule during the day, how can I make time to properly eat?


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  • Run, forsure. Treadmills and stuff. And those machine's that you get at the gym, you know, where you lift weights with your legs, by proxy. They really trim down fat on your thighs, as well as allover. Help your gut, too.

    Uhm... You know those stepping things? Like you jump up onto a step and back down, one foot at a time, really fast. Stuff like that. Cool stuff. Squats, too.There's also these really cool reebok shoes that are designed to tone your thighs and backside. Pink trainers, haha, they're awesome. I want a pair.

    • wait , did you just say that I have a gut?

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    • it started to work, but then I got busy with a musical show then my school's dance show, so I didn't have time anymore, but I've been starting again the past few days.

    • Oh, well that's cool =] I'm glad it worked a little anyway

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  • Go to the gym and eat healthy. I don't think it's possible to just lose weight in those spots. When you lose 5 lb, those 5lb are from your entire body not just your stomach. That's why it isn't noticeable.

  • best way to lose fat is to join a gym...but if you are unable to do so then regular 30min jogging should help you reduce that try sit-ups...start from 25/day...n keep increasing it that's enough exercise for thighs...but the main thing is to eat only as much as you need!...stick to protein food...n yes you do look pretty!


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  • I used to have the same problem. :)

    Basically, girls usually have the hardest time losing the fat on their thighs. It's called "stubborn fat" for good reason.

    Either way, I think I found what works great for me, at least - and I have really tried a lot. But you need to be prepared to make proper changes or there is no way to get shapely thighs. Trust me, though, you'll love the results and you will feel better all over. Nice legs will just be a by-product. ;)

    1. Diet. Don't drink your calories - drink only water, at least eight glasses a day. Eat well - that is, cut out all junk food (you know what I mean -> chocolate, pastries, fried foods, etc.) and replace it with healthy foods that you LIKE. (This is the only way you can stick to the lifestyle, and once you feel the overall effects, you won't want to stop anyway. Your taste buds are likely to change, as well, so don't worry.) Eat lots of vegetables (make big salads with the ones you like the taste of and try to discover new ones) and fruit. Let the rest be some nuts (almonds, hazelnuts and brazil nuts are great for you), whole-grains (wild / brown rice, spelt / buckwheat / rye bread, wholegrain pasta, etc.) and lean meats (focus on healthy fish like sardines and salmon, and eat some chicken or turkey). Also, foods like beans, lentils and quinoa are fantastic because they're healthy, they fill you up and have protein - plus, I love the taste.

    Don't eat sugary cereals (oatmeal with dried fruit is alright) and personally, I don't recommend dairy at all, but it's entirely your choice how far you want to take it. It's great to have a small treat at the end of your week though, or have a square of dark chocolate in the morning. It helps you stick to the goal.

    The rest is: always eat breakfast. Try to form your meals in advance so you stick to the plan, and make them smaller so you have something to eat every 3-4 hours. It does make a difference if you eat two huge meals half-starving (you're more likely to eat junk, plus your body is more likely to store it as fat) or 5-6 small ones (prevents fat storage and hunger).

    For the rest - just don't eat when you're not hungry, and don't eat three hours before you go to bed.

    2. Exercise.

    Trust me, I wasn't thrilled with this part, but I'd never change it now. Especially because this is NOT about you becoming a body-builder or a full-time athlete. Not at all. You want something you can stick to - and change up when you get bored - for the rest of your life, or at least a longer period.

    For weight training, lunges, squats and plie squats are great just with the weight of your body. Do just a couple before a meal at first, then increase them over time. It really changes your legs and stomach.

    • Sorry for the long post. >_<

      I just wanted to add that will only take you five minutes at most. Don't worry about muscles - most women can never gain them unless on steroids.

      For the cardio, do what you enjoy. I recommend lots and lots of fast-paced walking in nature or even in town and occasional jogging, if you like running.

      Well, that's it. Hope it goes well for you. =)

    • thank you for the post though, and I only have two things two add.

      1.I'm currently a vegetarien so I was wondering how I should get some things from meat that I'm missing.

      2. I recently started doing gymnastics twice a week for about 2 hours, and I was wondering if that's enough exercise...

      and lastly, read the update... is this a good meal plan?

  • Run!Although don't sprint,run.

    Pilates,I've heard from girls on here and reviews online that Pilates does actually work and I'm also friends with a lot of dancers who use it to stay lean.

    On a side note,your hair is pretty.

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